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USB Support in XenApp/XenDesktop Server Products

    USB Support in XenApp/XenDesktop. Citrix support for peripherals attached to a client device is a fundamental functionality leveraged by the Citrix Server Based Computing (SBC) model. Support for many client-side peripherals exists. Therefore, when either using local or remotely published applications, end-users can seamlessly utilize their ...

Difference with USB Support Between XenApp and XenDesktop

    This article lists the differences in the USB support between the XenApp and the XenDesktop application. Background. There is a wide range of USB devices available for use by the clients. The type of redirection your device requires determines if you need to use the XenApp or the XenDesktop application. XenApp Application USB Support 4.5 or 5.0

Configuring USB support - Citrix.com

    Mar 19, 2019 · The user can decide which USB devices are remoted to the virtual desktop by selecting devices from the list each time they connect. Alternatively, the user can configure USB support so that all USB devices plugged in both before and/or during a session are automatically remoted to the virtual desktop that is in focus. Mass storage devices

USB support? - XenDesktop 7.x - Discussions

    Jul 24, 2018 · I am trialling XenDesktop 7.17 and have setup a test Windows 10 VM. I have a Plantronics BT300 Bluetooth USB dongle connected to a Dell workstation running IGEL UDC3. The dongle is attached to a Plantronics Legend UC headset. In XenDesktop Studio, I have set Client USB Device Redirection to Allow...

USB and client drive considerations - Citrix.com

    Oct 29, 2018 · This applies whether generic USB redirection or optimized support is used. Important. For security-sensitive devices and data, always secure the HDX connection using either TLS or IPSec. Only enable support for the USB devices that you need. Configure both generic USB redirection and optimized support to meet this need.

USB 3.0 Support Generic USB Redirection - Desktop ...

    Aug 26, 2015 · It seems that XenDesktop 7.x does not support USB3.0 port so that USB Redirection does not work Which is the result we have encounterred. We would like to know how, when you are going to support, if possible. We have found that there is the …

How Citrix USB redirection supports stylus peripherals

    Mar 10, 2016 · The Citrix USB Redirection to Cloud feature in XenDesktop and XenApp lets workers connect local USB input devices to their virtual desktops and apps without drivers on the endpoints. ... How Citrix USB redirection supports stylus peripherals.

USB devices support in Citrix - Access USB in XenDesktop

    Dec 17, 2019 · Please note that although in general, USB redirection works but the performance vary depending on devices, it might be slower than usual. USB device redirection in XenDesktop In a remote session we often need to access USB devices connected to the host machine. Citrix does not support generic redirection of devices connected to USB 3.0 ports.4.9/5(179)

Citrix Support Services and Resources - Citrix

    Customer Success Services (CSS) programs. Comprehensive programs featuring support, consulting, and education, designed to help you get more value faster …

USB Redirection for Mac - XenDesktop 7.x - Discussions

    Mar 06, 2014 · We are trying to install a payment terminal on a Windows 7 virtual desktop using XenDesktop 7.1. The reason we tried this in the first place is because we belived we could redirect USB devices from endpoint client into the virtual client without …

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