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Migrate from HFS file systems to zFS file systems

    When you run BPXWH2Z on your z/OS V1R13 system, it uses the z/OS V1R13 level of the pax command. This level was enhanced in z/OS V1R7 for sparse file support and other characteristics that are of concern when migrating from an HFS to zFS file system. You can manually migrate from an HFS to zFS file system without using the tool.

z/OS File System overview - IBM

    The z/OS® Distributed File Service z/OS File System (zFS) is a z/OS UNIX System Services (z/OS UNIX) file system that can be used in addition to the hierarchical file system (HFS). zFS file systems contain files and directories that can be accessed with z/OS UNIX application programming interfaces (APIs). These file systems can support access control lists (ACLs). zFS file systems can be mounted …

Using HFS Data Sets - IBM

    As of z/OS V1R7, you can use any combination of HFS and zFS file systems. Because zFS has higher performance characteristics than HFS and is the strategic file system, you should replace HFS file systems with zFS file systems. An HFS data set is a z/OS data set of HFS …

IBM z/OS FTP and HFS file tagging

    HFS is mounted to support automatic file conversion. That is, AUTOCONV is on and the HFS to which the file is to be stored has been mounted to support a specific CCSID.

z/OS Basics: Migrating from HFS to zFS and things to watch ...

    z/OS Basics: Migrating from HFS to zFS and things to watch out for Jim Showalter IBM March 3, 2011 Session 9037. 2 ... • HFS is still supported for service but support may be ... z/OS UNIX return codes, z/OS UNIX reason codes, X’5Bxxrrrr’ reason codes for HFS • z/OS Distributed File Service zSeries File System Administration (SC24-5989 ...

Version 2 Release 3 z/OS

    The following changes are made for z/OS Version 2 Release 3 (V2R3). Changed • Updated “Backing Up and Restoring Data” on page 47 to include backing up data to a cloud. • Updated “Extended-Format Data Sets” on page 26 to include data set level encryption support. z/OS Version 2 Release 1 …

IBM How do you transfer ZIP files to/from HFS?

    The HFS file must be explicitly coded with SYSOPTS="DATATYPE=BINARY" on either the TO or FROM in the COPY. Without doing this, the ZIP file will be corrupted.

Creating HFS Data Sets - IBM

    To create an HFS data set, follow these steps: To allocate the HFS data set, specify HFS in the DSNTYPE parameter and the number of directory blocks in the SPACE parameter, in either the JCL or the data class. If you do not specify the number of the directory blocks, the allocation fails.

IBM: z/OS V2R4 documentation

    Welcome to the IBM z/OS V2R4.0 documentation, where you can find information about how to install, maintain, and use IBM z/OS. Note: Revision markers for updates after general availability will appear in the V2R4 IBM Knowledge Center content. See the "Summary of Changes" section of each deliverable for details about what has changed, also.

z/OS - Wikipedia

    However, z/OS also supports 64-bit Java, C, C++, and UNIX (Single UNIX Specification) APIs and applications through UNIX System Services – The Open Group certifies z/OS as a compliant UNIX operating system – with UNIX/Linux-style hierarchical HFS and zFS file systems.Developer: IBM

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