0861 Fire Support Man Gt=100

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Marine Corps Jobs: Fire Support MOS 0861

    Jan 21, 2019 · MOS 0861 was previously titled "Fire Support Man," but was changed along with several other Marine job titles in 2016 to be gender neutral. This is a primary MOS (PMOS) and the rank range extends from Master Gunnery Sergeant to Private. Primary MOS identify a service member's primary skills and/or training.

ASVAB Score Calculator

    Field Artillery Fire Control Man: GT = 105 : 0842: Field Artillery Radar Operator: GT = 105 : 0612: Field Wireman: GT = 90 : 0861: Fire Support Man: GT = 100 : 3381: Food Service Specialist : GT = 90 ... 0313: LAV Crewman: GT = 90 : 0431: Logistics/Embarkation & Combat Service Support (CSS) Specialist: GT = 100 : 7212: Low Altitude Air Defense ...

US Marine Corps Instant ASVAB

    The Marines is a little more restrictive than the Navy when it comes to AFQT score but only by requiring one extra percentile for applicants with a high school diploma.. If you have a high school diploma the minimum AFQT score necessary for enlistment in the Marines is 32 and it’s 50 if you have a GED.

Marine Corps ASVAB Line Scores for Entry Level Mos

    Jun 25, 2019 · Job descriptions and qualification factors for United States Marine Corps enlisted MOSs (jobs). Marine Corps ASVAB Line Scores - all entry level MOS

ASVAB Score Requirements for Marine Corps Jobs Instant ASVAB

    Below are the ASVAB line score requirements for jobs in the US Marine Corps. (More about Marines line scores.) NEW! Check out the ASVAB Score Calculator for the most up-to-date information about Ma…

ASVAB Scores Qualify for these Jobs - ASVAB Score Calculator

    ASVAB Scores Partially Qualify for these Jobs Army. 73D: Accounting Specialist: CL = 105 : 71L: Administrative Specialist: CL = 95 : 15R: AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer ... 0861: Fire Support Man: GT = 100 : 3451: Fiscal/Budget Technician: CL = 110 : 0626: Fleet SATCOM Terminal Operator: EL = …

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    May 02, 2010 · I'm 17, thinking about joining when I turn 20 or 21. Been interested since I was a little kid and have always thought I'd be a soldier. Learned a lot about war, history, real smart, real fit and athletic. What else can I do other than being in infantry? Will I be stationed in the Middle East for sure? Do I have a choice? Give me some info.

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