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Financial Services and Insurance Data and Services ...
    Discovery Data offers a consolidated view of the financial services and insurance industries, including 40,000 firms and over 2 million professionals.

Troubleshoot SQL database discovery in Operations Manager
    Mar 20, 2018 · For SQL database discovery, the SQL database class is specific to the version of SQL Server that hosts the database. If you use SQL Server 2012, the name is SQL server 2012 DB. Is the appropriate Monitoring Agent installed? If the agent isn't installed, follow Install Agent on Windows Using the Discovery Wizard to install the agent.

Database discovery - ServiceNow
    MongoDB discovery. Discovery creates or updates a CMDB record when it detects a running instance of MongoDB. PostgreSQL discovery. Discovery can find running instances of PostgreSQL on Windows and Linux systems. Oracle database discovery. Discovery can identify an Oracle database instance that is running on UNIX or Windows operating systems.

Discovery databases - IBM
    The scope database limits the extent or reach of a discovery. Using the scope database, you can configure a range of protocols and attributes that define zones that are to be included or excluded from the discovery process. Access databases There are several databases that control access to network devices: snmpStack database and telnetStack ...

EBSCO Discovery Service EBSCO
    EBSCO Discovery Service is an all-inclusive search solution that makes in-depth research easy.

Search the Central Index and Remote Databases in WorldCat ...
    Remote database recommendations. After a search is entered, if your institution has configured remote databases for your institution, WorldCat Discovery displays those database recommendations at the top of the search results screen. Each remote database result displays the name of the database and approximate number of search results.

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