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DMA Controllers -
    Newer DMA modes are now available, such as Ultra DMA (mode 3 or DMA-33, mode 4 or DMA-66 etc) that provide for very high transfer rates. Limitations of Standard DMA While DMA provided a significant improvement over processor-controlled data transfers, it was eventually recognized as a limiting factor in overall system performance.

CompactFlash cards and DMA/UDMA support in True IDE (tm) mode
    CompactFlash cards and DMA/UDMA support in True IDE (tm) mode By: Frank Rysanek of FCC PS [rysanek (AT)] Introduction. CompactFlash cards have been a popular choice for boot drives in embedded PC's for several years.

Ultra DMA CRC Errors count and A03 bios update for M18x R2 ...
    So, I've noticed a weirdest thing after the recent bios update - amount of ultra dma crc errors for my hdd (running as second drive) keep going up by tremendous amount. It's something like 3000000 (!!!) already - and that's only after 2 days of usage with new bios. Drive is successfully passing all ...

N Series BIOS - Fujitsu
    LifeBook N Series Notebook BIOS N Series BIOS BIOS SETUP UTILITY The BIOS Setup Utility is a program that sets up the operating environment for your notebook. Your BIOS is set at the factory for normal operating conditions, ... Ultra DMA Mode: [Disabled] ...

How to set HD from PIO to DMA mode?? - Dell Community
    I've searched in BIOS for DMA info but can't find anything concert with DMA in BIOS so i don't think this problem comes from that. ... speed, the channel will revert to PIO so there are fewer errors. If you remove the new drive will old HD drive run in Ultra DMA? If so, it's possible the new drive is a dud. ... Dell Support Resources ...

Enabling DMA Mode Transfers - iFixit
    All recent versions of Windows support DMA transfers, but DMA is not always enabled by default, as follows: A fresh Windows install automatically installs DMA-capable drivers and tests the BIOS, interface, and hard drive for DMA compatibility. If any of these tests fail, DMA is disabled.Author: Sam Goldheart

Ultra DMA crc errors... - Dell Community
    Hello again, Well after running alienware autopsy a few times the report keeps showing the factory ssd has ultra dma crc errors that keep going up, reading is 117 now. I haven't even installed anything on this system with the exception of critical and important windows updates and norton security. ...

ultra dma mode - TweakTown Forums
    Hi does anyone know if an ssd should be running in ultra dma mode 6, my 2 western digital HDDs run in ultra dma 6 but my ssd seems to be running in ultra dma 5, I'm getting the info from HDtune and Aida64, It reports ultra dma mode 6 available but using ultra dma 5, Bios reports ultra dma mode 6.

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